Doctor of Audiology

Kirsten McWilliams

Doctor of Audiology

Audiology runs in Kirsten’s family - her mom is also a Doctor of Audiology. Kirsten obtained her BS in Psychology from UC Davis. After clinical rotations at Stanford, Kaiser Medical Center and a fellowship at UC Davis Medical Center, she graduated top-of-her-class with her Doctorate of Audiology from the University of the Pacific, San Francisco.

For the last eight years, Kirsten has been treating patients with hearing problems. She loves to help with tinnitus management and work with hearing aids and cochlear implants.

Kirsten is a very mindful, thorough doctor and takes the time to get to know her patients to help improve their daily quality of life. She is incredibly friendly and always has a smile for you, no matter what time of day it is! 

With an unrivaled knowledge in her field, Kirsten has an incredible passion to improve the world of audiology and make people’s lives better. 

Kirsten is always eager to come up with new ideas and techniques to solve problems and it’s always amazing to see what she will come up with next. 

A super organized person, she always has a well-thought-out plan for each day - which makes her day incredibly effective and her work as precise as possible. Popular with her teammates, she is the perfect colleague to work with every day and is always available to support the staff around her. 

Most importantly, Kirsten shows a passion for her profession and dedication to every one of her patients. 

Fun Facts!

  1. She’s a keen gardener! Kirsten visits the farmers market every Sunday without fail to buy some fresh produce or some new plants for her garden. 
  2. She has some patients in Redding who remember her from when she was an infant.
  3. Kirsten has constant tinnitus which she blames on grad school after 32 weeks of tinnitus courses. 
  4. Kirsten owns an adorable little kitten called Lulu 

Hobbies & Passions

She is a big lover of food and her personal goal is to eat at every restaurant on the grid. She also loves to cook and bake in her spare time.

Apart from food, Kirsten loves to travel and tries to visit a new country at least once a year. 

In her spare time, Kirsten volunteers as a Board of Directors member for the California Academy of Audiology, as a Northern California board representative and Legislative Liaison.