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If you’re like most people and have noticed that hearing is requiring a little bit of effort, you’re probably not thrilled at the prospect of having to purchase hearing aids. 

There are so many different choices and opinions on how, where, and which hearing aid to buy. You are not alone, most people that we see are hesitant about hearing aids and confused with the options.  

We have seen thousands of people during the 20 or more years that we have been in business. These are the questions we most frequently hear, 

  • What is an audiologist?
  • Should I answer an ad?  
  • Should I trust a franchise? 
  • What about online hearing aids, or hearing aids from a big box store?  

Below are the most important things to look for when considering purchasing a hearing aid. 

Hearing aid technology alone isn’t the problem. 

We have found that it is seldom the hearing aid that is the source of the problem. Rather, the problem that we see in our practice is from improper fitting of a hearing aid. Hearing aids have the technology to have almost one million different combinations of programming, which is done by an audiologist. The education, experience, equipment, and the proper use of it is the most important factor in your success and satisfaction with your hearing aids. Our approach has made thousands of patients raving fans.  

We have found three reasons for the dissatisfaction with hearing aids that don’t relate to the hearing aid itself. All three of these problems can be solved and they do not involve buying a new hearing aid.  

  1. Improper or poorly fit hearing aid
  2. Lack of validation using probe microphone measurements
  3. Education 

We welcome patients from other providers who have been improperly fit with a hearing aid and you are disappointed with the performance. Answer yes or no to any of the following questions about what happened when you were fit with your hearing aids:

  1. I was tested in background noise with words while wearing my hearing aids.
  2. Small tubes were inserted in my ears with my hearing aids and I learned all about carrots (these are called probe microphone, real ear measurements).
  3. I learned and practiced techniques with my communication partner that improved our communication.
  4. I was tested in a sound booth with inserts in my ears and not headphones. 

If you can answer yes to all of these questions, then you have been treated by an audiologist, a Doctor of Audiology, who has followed the gold standards of audiology.  If not, chances are that you have been improperly fit.  

We believe you can achieve better hearing and you deserve better care.


Unlike some providers in the industry, The Hearing Solution follows best practices for hearing loss testing and treatment to ensure you receive high-quality, professional care. Our team also takes the time to get to know you so we can provide personalized hearing solutions that meet your unique needs.

Come experience the difference at The Hearing Solution—You do not have to have purchased hearing aids from our office in order to benefit from our experience.

Here’s what you can expect on your hearing journey with us:

1. Evaluation of the Hearing System

First, a Doctor of Audiology will sit down with you (and your Frequent Communication Partner if applicable) and listen to understand the conversations, people, environments, and challenges where hearing has become difficult.  

The evaluation will include tests that will study each area of your hearing system. This is more than a hearing test (which only tests one area of hearing). Instead, we’ll be testing the outer ear, middle ear, inner ear and how your brain is processing this input.  

2. hearing aid Performance Assessment and Personalized Plan

Based on the above tests, the next step is our functional hearing evaluation. This is an opportunity for you to hear the improvement in your ability to hear in background noise with hearing aids. You will be able to wear at least three different hearing aids, all from different manufacturers for comparison. 

After selecting your hearing aids, the next steps are: 

  • Fitting of hearing aids and Real Ear Probe Microphone Measurements to verify the hearing aids are programmed appropriately. 
  • Instruction and education on how to use and care for your hearing aids and how to use the Bluetooth features. You will have access to our technology experts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

“The Most Important HEARING AID Video You Will EVER Watch! | What is Real Ear Measurement?”
By Doctor Cliff, AuD


Best Hearing aids

You will take your hearing aids home and try them first in your own environment.

4. Real World Analysis and Connectivity Training

(This can even be can be done remotely with some hearing aids)

Your Audiologist will analyze the hearing aid data to make sure brain training is occuring correctly. Our Audiology Assistant will sync your hearing aids to any smartphones or accessories and provide connectivity training.

Over the next two weeks, your hearing aids will take sound samples of the noises and environments specific to YOUR life. 

5. Progress Checks

During the next few weeks, we will work together to optimize your hearing aids as your brain is changing. Hearing will once again become effortless. 

We will also add technology for the television, your telephone, and possibly mini microphones and hearing aids to further enhance your experience.  

6. Fitting and Purchase of Your hearing aids

The purchase comes after you have mastered the use of your hearing aids and are hearing with ease.  

7. Hearing Training, Classes and Graduation

After 3 months, you will be ready to graduate from our program. After graduating, you will return every six months for hearing aid performance checks, hearing tests, and cleaning. We will also be re-tuning and programming your hearing aids to meet your hearing and lifestyle needs over time.  

At this point in your hearing journey, we start you on one of our auditory training programs. The goal is to improve the skills that have been weakened with hearing loss that a hearing aid can’t fix. The programs can be done in a group setting or on your computer in the comfort of your home.     

8. Hearing Solution Optimization Appointment

(every 6 months after graduation)

  • This includes hearing aid service check, deep cleaning, fine-tuning, and adjustments. 
  • Otoscopy and ear exam with wax removal as needed.
  • Annual Hearing Test

To learn more about our unique approach to hearing success, schedule an appointment with us today by calling (916) 646-2471.

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