Traveling with Hearing Aids

Traveling with Hearing Aids

It’s summer and that means travel. Some trips are shorter, like heading up to a mountain lake for the day. That requires grabbing some sunscreen, packing up the cooler and remembering your sunglasses. And don’t forget your hearing aid, so you can catch the relaxing sounds of nature!

Traveling to an exotic and far away location takes a bit more thought and planning. There are passports to update, flights to book, luggage to pack, and medications to refill before your trip. And since hearing aids are life changers, they are at the top of your “To Pack” list! Don’t leave home without them!

When it comes to prescription glasses, it’s likely you have an extra pair or two during travel, just in case. While The Hearing Solution can certainly order you a “just in case” pair of hearing aids, the reality is that most hearing aid wearers travel with just one hearing aid per ear, with no extras as backup. This calls for attentiveness and diligence while traveling.

Before your scheduled trip, if you haven’t had a hearing aid adjustment in a while, come in for an appointment  at our Sacramento location. Discuss any changes you’ve noticed in your hearing, and get your hearing aids fine-tuned for your upcoming vacation. This is also an opportunity to pick up an extra supply of domes, filters and batteries.

Hearing Screening Procedures and Hearing Aids

When packing your hearing aid with its supplies, be sure to bring the protective case your hearing aids came with. Remember the extra batteries! Print out and write down all your confirmation numbers. Look at an airport map to find your terminal and gate before you leave your house.

As for airport security screenings, the Transportation Security Administration, or TSA, states that “you are not required to remove any hearing aids or cochlear implants,” but you may have to put your remote control with your telephone.

There’s some disagreement about whether x-ray machines can damage the finer components of a hearing aid, although the TSA says its scanners are safe.

One way to reduce this issue is by applying for the TSA Pre Check program, which generally lets approved travelers save time and just go through a metal detector, instead of the usual security checks and scanners.

When you make it to the gate, it is sometimes difficult to hear when you are called to board by section. Go to the gate attendant ahead of time and tell them that you have difficulty hearing or are hard of hearing. I have had a few people tell me that they have actually had them board early, so you won’t have to fight for an overhead compartment for your luggage.

If you have a choice of seat, try to sit away from the back of the plane. It is typically noisier. Tell the person sitting next to you that you have difficulty hearing and ask them to please tell you what has been said. If you have a connecting flight, tell the flight attendant and ask him or her to look up the gate for you and give you an update if there is a change in times.

Once you’ve successfully arrived, keep your hearing aid supplies organized during travel. Know where your batteries are, and with all that vacation relaxing, don’t forget good hearing aid care. Keep your hearing aids as clean and dry as possible, and as at home, never store them with the battery on. And don’t put sunscreen on your hearing aids or forget them when you dive into the surf!

Hearing Aid Insurance

Talk to the staff at The Hearing Solution about hearing aid insurance for lost or damaged hearing aids. You know how precious hearing restoration is, so a plan of this type makes replacement while away from home much easier. You many also want to check with your homeowner’s insurance about their coverage policies should your hearing aid get lost.

If you find yourself traveling to Sacramento and you need some help with your hearing aid during your trip, we are always available to help out a vacationer in need.

Safely traveling with your hearing aid takes some thought and effort, but the benefits are worth it. Hearing a new baby cooing, listening to the crashing surf as you watch the sunset on the beach, understanding your guide as you tour famous spots, and enjoying all the sights and sounds of your vacation – we can’t wait to hear all about your grand adventures!

Interested in learning more? Attend one of our regular hearing solution events to learn more about our unique approach to hearing loss or give us a call at 916-646-2471.

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