Hearing Strategies Program

Hearing Strategies Program

Hearing Aids are an essential part of better hearing. However for optimal results in challenging situations the development of auditory skills are needed.

Hearing Strategies is a four week group aural (hearing ) rehabilitation (workout for the brain) program combining auditory brain training, communication strategies and lip reading instruction. Each week during the two-hour class, knowledge and skills are developed using lessons activities and games focusing on each component.

By combining all three areas at once, participants experience a scaffolding effect, because each skill set builds upon the other skills.

Comments from patients have been that they are no longer experiencing the frustration in communicating, they notice an improvement in listening skills and are understanding in challenging environments! This program was developed by Canadian Audiologist, Sandra Vandenhoff and Unitron Hearing.

To learn more about how this program can help you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypudPb2sbIA

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