What Is the Best Hearing Aid on the Market?

What Is the Best Hearing Aid on the Market?

It’s not uncommon to treat hearing aids like any other consumer item. During the shopping process, you might read reviews or talk to friends as you search for the highest rated hearing aids you can find.

And on the surface, this makes perfect sense. Better quality means better audio input, right?

However, it’s not that simple.

Today’s hearing aids are digital, multi-microphone devices that can process sound in milliseconds. And the technology lends itself to infinite customization, which is why hearing aids must be fitted and calibrated for the wearer.

In other words, even high quality hearing aids (straight out of the box) usually won’t deliver better results than average hearing aids that have been carefully customized by an audiologist.

Obviously, the goal is to start with the highest quality hearing aids you can – and have them adjusted by a licensed professional. The good news is that there are many terrific solutions on the market that can:

  • Accurately process incoming audio input – especially conversations.
  • Quickly adjust to your surroundings (i.e. quiet homes vs. noisy restaurants).
  • Amplify those audio frequencies that give you the greatest difficulties.

But again, these benefits only exist when customization and fitting have already taken place.

How to Find the Best Hearing Aids (for You)

At The Hearing Solution, we don’t believe there’s a single “best” hearing aid on the market. But there is a best one for you. And our goal is to help you find that solution to ensure you enjoy the highest quality hearing experience in all environments.

We accomplish this by guiding you through a comprehensive diagnostic hearing test that helps us identify the exact type, cause, and scope of your hearing loss. These evaluations inform our hearing aid selection process – since every solution has its own strengths and weaknesses.

After choosing a range of potential candidates, we have you wear each set of hearing aids in our carefully designed sound booth – complete with noises that simulate real-world environments. Every hearing aid option is tested in the same conditions so you can accurately compare and contrast the results from different manufacturers.

Based on your feedback, we also customize each hearing aid on-site. The goal is to achieve consistent speech comprehension – regardless of ambient noise. And if at all possible, we encourage you to bring your primary conversation partner during these selection, fitting, and customization steps.

Finally, we have you test drive your hearing aids at home – typically for 7 to 10 days. If the results aren’t sufficient, we then repeat the above steps until we help you find the perfect match.

Why Our Hearing Aid Selection Process Works

This iterative approach to hearing aid selection removes the focus from reviews, ratings, and other third-party testimonials. Instead, it allows us to focus on what matters most – results.

Ratings and reviews are still helpful. But far more important is your personal experience. Since hearing is a highly subjective process that varies from individual to individual, we run through as many evaluations, customizations, and test drives as necessary – until you get the results you want.

This allows you to try before you buy.

And when it comes to buying, we’ll never try to sell you on any particular brand.

As an independent practice, we’re not wed to any single manufacturer. However, we’re partial to Widex, Oticon, Unitron, Phonak, and ReSound because of their ability to consistently deliver positive results for our clients.  

If you’d like to learn more about our approach to hearing loss treatment, schedule an appointment with us in our Sacramento office today.

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