clEAR Hearing Training for the Brain

Auditory brain training in Sacramento

Does this scenario sound familiar?

You’re having dinner with a group of friends in a restaurant. The waiter seats you in the middle of the restaurant. The restaurant is not full, it’s early in the evening. You’re able to hear and understand the conversation with your friends.  

Auditory Training in Sacramento | The Hearing Solution

As the restaurant fills up, you feel it’s harder work to keep up with the conversation. You lean forward to hear but hear the conversation at the table next to you louder than your friends and their voices become less and less clear. 

Finally, you have to give up and sit back. 

As we age and with hearing loss three important processes that occur in the brain that are essential to hearing decrease. These auditory processes are essential for hearing in noise, hearing the details of conversation and remembering what you have heard. These processes can be strengthened through training. Much like training a muscle. Training these skills will improve your ability to hear in background noise, your auditory memory or working memory and your ability to distinguish fine differences in speech. Graduates of the program report improved focus in background noise! Why does hearing become more difficult as we age?

Is age-related hearing loss permanent? 

The most successful method of auditory brain training is called clEAR Hearing Training for the Brain.  

This training program uses computer games to strengthen auditory skills required hear.

Auditory Training | The Hearing Solution

During clEAR Hearing Training, one of our audiologists will work closely with you to monitor your performance in a range of fun games. The games will change to challenge you and encourage new neural pathways to develop. 

You’ll receive a lesson plan that’s designed specifically for your needs as well as progress feedback directly from your audiologist.  

Improve Your Hearing With Auditory Brain Training

If you’d like to find out more about how hearing training could help you enjoy socializing with friends again, contact us today. 

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