Audiology Assistant


Audiology Assistant

Thalia is a very kind and generous person. She is calm and collected and specializes in helping our patients figure out any problems with their hearing aids. No matter how much pressure she’s under, Thalia always has a calm demeanor about her which puts any worried patients at ease. 

A real team player, Thalia is great support for the entire office. She always shows sincere interest in what she does and has an amazing willingness to learn. She builds great relationships with all her patients and is always happy to share her knowledge with the team. 

She is continuously learning and is eager to expand her knowledge of her position. She also responds well to any new situations, instructions, methods and procedures.

Hobbies & Passions

Thalia loves to go to the gym and keep fit, she loves boxing, yoga and running. 

Her dad is a private chef and she loves recreating some of his dishes.

Fun Facts!

  1. Thalia enjoys going snorkeling and swimming in the sea when she visits her family in Hawaii. 
  2. She’ll be heading to graduate school to become an Audiologist soon and we know she’ll do great!