How to Pass a Hearing Test

How to Pass a Hearing Test
“The average person has been having trouble hearing for 7 to 10 years before they come in.”
— Dr. Eric Hagberg, Academy of Doctors of Audiology

Why do people decide to get their hearing evaluated? More than one factor is often involved that helps people decide to have their hearing tested.

  • Their family always says they set the TV and stereo too loud.
  • They miss the punch lines of jokes or don’t hear people speaking to them.
  • They find themselves frustrated at parties, dinners and gatherings due to background noise and “people mumbling.”
  • They tilt their head to hear better and try to find their “good ear.”

Finally, after they tire of these problems, and often with the encouragement of friends and family, they finally decide it is time for a hearing evaluation.

“If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.” — Dr. Linda Remensnyder

If you are deciding to get a hearing assessment, congratulations on making the right decision!

Very few people put up with failing eyesight. They visit the eye doctor rather quickly when they have trouble seeing or when their prescription no longer works. But when it comes to hearing issues, many put off a visit with an audiologist for years, or even a decade, as mentioned above. Yet the truth is, acting without delay is critical to preserving as much hearing ability and mental acuity as possible. As stated by Dr. Linda Remensnyder in the New York Times, “If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.”

How Can I Get a Hearing Assessment?

The first step is to make an appointment for a hearing exam with the Hearing Solution. Our office is conveniently located near Sacramento State in Sacramento, with easy parking and a welcoming office.

You first get to sit down and discuss your hearing concerns with Dr. Julia Tanner, along with a family member, if you’d like. This first session is your opportunity to discuss your impression of your hearing issues — where in life does your hearing seem to be a problem? From quiet conversations and concerts, to grandkids and golf buddies, Dr. Tanner wants to learn about your specific hearing needs.

Next up, the hearing exam itself — this is when it gets interesting! You are escorted into a soundproof and cozy booth (probably the quietest place you’ve ever been). Wearing a series of headsets, you’ll have two areas of your hearing examined: sounds and word comprehension.

For the sounds, all you have to do is push a little button each time you hear a sound. There is no “pass” or “fail.” So you don’t have to worry about, “How to fail a hearing test." This is just an assessment of your hearing. Push the button when you hear a sound, but don’t push the button because you think you should be hearing a sound. Remember, it’s not a “test,” so there is no reason to cheat or wonder about “How to pass a hearing test!”

Next up is the word comprehension part of the exam. Dr. Tanner says a series of words and all you have to do is repeat the word you heard. If you thought you heard the word “sidewalk,” you just say it back to her “sidewalk.” Say the word you heard, not the word you “think she wants to hear.” If you didn’t understand the word, you simply say that you didn’t understand it. All your answers are part of the assessment and honest answers alone make the exam a success!

While having your hearing assessed, remember that this is for you and you alone. No one makes any judgments about you because of your hearing, no more than people are “blamed” for wearing reading glasses. You can’t fail a hearing exam!

No one at The Hearing Solution gets frustrated or annoyed at you, embarrassed or exasperated – feelings your hearing issues may have caused others in the past. We have assessed all levels of hearing loss, from mild to profound. And while our goal is not to compare you to others, we do know what works best in hearing assistance for specific types of people. The important thing is that you have made the right decision when you decided to get your hearing assessed by the experts at The Hearing Solution.

After Your Hearing Assessment

After you exit the amazing soundproof booth, you sit down with Dr. Tanner and discuss your results. Don’t expect her to tell you “How bad your hearing is.” She wants to present your various options for improving your hearing with a modern hearing aid. The choices in technology and budget from Oticon, Widex, Unitron, and others will probably astound you!

If there is a time to get hearing aids, it’s now! Make an appointment soon to find out how easy it is to “ace” your hearing test!

Call us at 916-646-2471, use our simple request form on this website, or visit us at 650 University Avenue, Suite 108, in Sacramento.

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