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Ear Train the Brain

September 26, 2018
650 University Ave #108, Sacramento, CA 95825

Hearing aids amplify sound but the brain is responsible for the complex processing of sound.  The ClEAR program was designed by researcher, Nancy Tye Murray, PhD. She has dedicated her career to rehabilitating the hearing system and the brain.  She had developed the clEAR auditory training program.

ClEAR are computerized auditory brain training games that are fun to play.  The games are designed to improve your memory, speed of processing conversation and the ability to distinguish words.

Come and join our group of new clEAR users. Initial training will be done at the office and then each participant will be playing games on their personal computers in the comfort of their own homes. We will provide you with coaching throughout the training and individualized lesson plans.

Research from the clEAR program developed by Nancy Tye Murray, PhD of Washington University in St Louis shows that most people:

  • Improve the ability to recognize speech with background noise
  • Experience improved conversational confidence
  • Find that it takes less effort to be actively engaged in conversations
  • Experience reduced listening challenges

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