In response to the COVID-19 crisis, we've implemented several virtual options to keep you healthy & hearing well. Click this banner for more information.
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Keeping You Healthy & Hearing Well During the COVID-19 Crisis

For questions, please email us and we will respond as soon as we can!

Dear valued Hearing Solution patients,

During this unprecedented time where we are readjusting daily to the effects of COVID-19, we want to assure you that The Hearing Solution is committed to your health and hearing. Our mission is to help you to live a better life and we want to do everything we can to help you to keep doing so during this unusual time. We are committed to you and will not close our doors. Rather, we will help you in more creative ways so your optimal hearing can still be achieved. Our office has been even stricter on our cleaning methods and we are cleaning frequently touched surfaces after each appointment.

Please read below for the new policies that we have implemented until further notice to ensure your health and hearing at this time.

For All Patients


Remote Care or Telehealth. Thankful for technical innovations, we are happy to help you with your devices remotely by connecting with us via your computer, laptop, iPad, or smartphone. If you are having an issue, have questions or need assistance, please follow the steps below to schedule a virtual appointment with us. In addition, if you had an appointment scheduled and do not feel comfortable coming into the office, please call and let us know that you would like to have your appointment virtually.

  1. Schedule an appointment by calling the office (916) 646-2471.
  2. You will need to supply your email when you are making the appointment and need to have a working desktop, laptop, iPad, or smartphone with either a microphone or camera.
  3. Upon confirming your appointment, we will then send you easy steps to connect for your appointment.

Appointment Options For Those Under 65

In-Office Appointments

We will continue in-office appointments for those not affected by the recommended quarantine. With your health in mind, we will not allow patients to wait in the waiting room. Please arrive promptly at the time of your appointment. You will then be directly brought to the exam room which will have been disinfected from the previous visitor.

Appointment Options for Those 65 and Over

1. Drive-Thru Care

If you would not like to come into the office and are experiencing a problem with your device we are offering drive-thru care. To use this service simply call our office before or while you are in the parking lot and we will meet you take your hearing devices into the office for servicing and cleaning and then return them to you.

2. Home Pick up

Because it is not advisable to leave your home at this time. If your devices are not working and you live within a 10-mile radius of the office,  we are able to pick up your devices. We will bring them back to the office to solve your issue and return them within a reasonable time. Please call in the mornings before noon so we are able to plan pickups for the day.

Remote Programming Available for Widex & ReSound Hearing Aids

Widex hearing aids that were purchased in 2018 to today have the ability to be programmed remotely. ReSound hearing aids that were purchased in 2019 to today also have this ability.

Please call the office for more information or if you are having a problem and we will work together to find the best solution to assist you!

Help for Those Affected!

You are a part of our community, and our office will continue to provide you the exceptional care during this time. In addition, we want to offer any help that we can for especially those who do not have additional help nearby and are struggling during this time. If you need any assistance as far as groceries for delivery please call our office and we will help you if we can! You are important to us and it is important for us to come together during this time.

Opportunities for Learning!

Let’s use this time that we are limited in activities outside our home to improve our ability to hear and noise and process speech faster. Yes, by playing fun computer games you can improve the speed at which you process conversation, improve your memory, decrease distractibility from outside sounds or background noise and improve your ability to hear fine differences in speech. If you have participated before there are two new games. PokEAR and EARplane!

Julia will be your hearing coach. You will receive personalized lesson plans and she will be able to monitor and celebrate your progress with you. The Hearing Solution Group will begin Monday, March 23rd.  This will be more interactive than our previous clEAR trainings. Look forward to videos, tips, techniques and great content to improve your well being and hearing. This will be a fun way to connect as a community while exercising our brains in this isolating time!

Requirements: Either a Desktop computer with speakers, a laptop with speakers or good built-in speakers, or an iPad. 10-20 minutes two-three times a week for training for one month.

Cost $24.99 for one month

To sign up, email: