Do you have difficulty hearing on the phone? Wireless connectivity allows you to connect to your cell phone or landline phone in both ears and improve what you want to hear right through your hearing aids. Do you have difficulty hearing the television? Wireless connectivity allows you to connect directly to the TV through your hearing aids and improve your enjoyment of your favorite programs. Do you have difficulty hearing in noisy environments? Wireless connectivity allows you to improve the signal that you want to hear over the noise for greater clarity.

Whatever the need, The Hearing Solution has a wide variety of wireless options to help. At The Hearing Solution, we work with all major hearing aid manufacturers to provide the greatest selection of wireless options. Here are just a few of the products that we offer and how they work to improve clarity.

Widex Beyond

Widex Beyond hearing aids provides a 2.4 GHz of direct connectivity to your Apple Products through Bluetooth. The customizable app allows for full streaming functionality and control over your listening environment. Stream seamlessly anytime with leading-edge sound.

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Opticon OPN with IPhone





Stream high-quality sound from any smart device through Bluetooth directly to your hearing aids. This hands free device allows users to hear phone conversation clearly when they wear it around their neck. The multi-function button allows for hands free streaming directly to your hearing aids, and users can control their hearing aids through the com-dex app located in your app stores.

Widex TV-DEX

The TV-DEX is a user-friendly wireless assistive listening device specifically designed for enjoying TV and audio. It can conveniently fit in the palm of your hand, and you can enjoy up to 10 hours of uninterrupted, top quality TV or audio sound between recharges.

Oticon OPN

Turn your hearing aids into wireless headphones with Oticon OPN. Oticon OPN connects directly to all of your Apple products through Bluetooth for better clarity of phone calls and music directly to your ears. Use the app to change programs, control the volume, and stream music all with the touch of a button.

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Opticon OPN with IPhone
Oticon Streamer


Oticon –ConnectLineTM

Expanding on the Potential of BluetoothTM Connectivity

ConnectLine is a whole family of solutions that work with Oticon hearing instruments offering wireless access to modern communication and media devices. Whether talking on the phone, watching TV, listening to music, or talking in the car, ConnectLine can help with all of these activities and more. ConnectLine reduces barriers to these everyday devices, allowing communication to be more free and pontaneous in everyday interaction.

Unitron uSream and uDirect
Oticon TV Adapter

Clip this discreet device to your clothing, and receive hands free streaming directly to your hearing aids. Users can connect to any smart device through Bluetooth. Use this little guy to control the volume, change programs, and best of all, stream phone calls and music directly to your hearing aids.

Like the uStream, the uDirect offers users hands free streaming from any smart device through Bluetooth. This sleek, ease of use device allows patients direct communication and entertainment devices when they wear this device around their neck.

Unitron TV

With the help of either the uStream or the uDirect, users can deliver sound from the TV directly to their hearing instruments. The uTV connects to either hands free device through Bluetooth for better clarity.

uDirectuTVUnitor Ustream